TAP is a nonprofit Labor-Management service provided to members of participating Teamster, ILWU, and IATSE health and welfare plans. TAP was developed through Teamsters Joint Council 7 with a mandate to provide assistance to the members and their families with alcohol and drug related job and personal problems.
TAP is open M-F 8am-5pm.

Call (510) 562-3600

Outside the SF Bay Area:
Call (800) 253-8326
-- 800-253-TEAM

You are welcome to attend our monthly sobriety celebration held the third Saturday of each month at TAP's Office.

Doors open at 11 am.
Lunch is provided.
Families and friends are welcome.

80 Swan Way, Suite 320,
Oakland CA 94621

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of services does TAP provide?
TAP provides eligible union members and their eligible dependents with assessment, referral, and follow-up services for alcohol/drug related job and personal problems. TAP provides limited EAP services for stress, anger management and critical incident debriefing. Training services are also provided. TAP counselors help you determine if there is a problem, help you get to the right place for help, provide you with a variety of continuing care programs and opportunities for ongoing support.
Who can use TAP Services?
All participants and their covered dependents covered by health and welfare plans that provide for TAP services
How can I receive assistance?
You or your family member can simply call the TAP office (see the number at right) and ask to speak to a counselor. The counselor will either schedule an appointment or direct you to the most appropriate health care provider or community resource for assistance. All phone calls are confidential.
What type of alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs are available?
TAP counselors refer to a variety of programs which offer a range of services including outpatient, day treatment, residential, and inpatient levels of care. If your medical coverage is provided through an HMO, TAP counselors coordinate services through Kaiser and other HMOs to help you get the best care available.
Can TAP help me if I have a positive alcohol or drug test?
TAP counselors are very familiar with the DOT's alcohol and drug testing regulations and will help you meet DOT requirements. For other positive tests, TAP counselors will help by arranging for appropriate education/treatment and, only with your authorization, coordinate any necessary communications with your Business Agent and employer.
What type of follow-up is provided upon the completion of treatment for alcohol or drug abuse?
A meeting is scheduled with your TAP counselor to develop a recovery plan which includes continuing care opportunities and recovery activities. TAP offers its own continuing care groups, TAP monthly sobriety celebration, an annual picnic, and holiday party. TAP counselors provide follow-up monitoring and assistance.
Are there any costs for using TAP services?
There is no charge for the services provided directly by TAP. TAP services are paid for by the participating health and welfare trusts. There may be costs associated with substance (alcohol or drug) abuse treatment. The actual coverage provided for alcohol anddrug treatment services is determined by the health and welfare plan with copayments and deductibles being the same as for other medical problems. TAP counselors will work with you to contact your health and welfare trust fund for more detailed information.

Out-of-panel charges are the same as your medical plan. For example: Some medical plans cover only a percentage of usual, customary and reasonable charges when treatment is obtained outside of their preferred provider list.